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Do you want to be a great success? Tips for successful living

Disclaimer – in this article there may be links to products that can help you with your journey to becoming a great success, if you choose to purchase using these links I may make a small commission at no extra cost to yourself.

Today being successful is something we all want to achieve. Success is not a matter of luck. You have to work hard to get it. Surely you are wondering, but what makes a successful person different? What does it really take to be successful?

We want to answer your questions and more. That is why we bring you the best tips to have a lasting successful life. Keep reading this article, and we will help you find success.

What is the meaning of great success?

Achieving success can mean many things. High success can have a different meaning for each person depending on their values, principles, and culture. However, there are elements that we can see in common in all the circumstances in which a person considers himself successful. From these, we can try to define or understand what success means in general.

The first common element that we see in successful people is that they feel happy. In a way, success has to do with happiness. Happiness is related to the feeling of satisfaction and self-fulfillment.

Another aspect to consider is that success comes from a series of actions aimed at achieving a goal. These actions are related to certain attitudes, skills, and habits such as effort, planning, and persistence, amongst other things.

You can be successful in different areas. For example, a person can be considered successful at work, in their studies, personal projects, etc. However, success can also be seen in a broader aspect, such as life itself. As well as in specific areas, what will determine whether or not a person has a successful life depends on various factors and personal visions.

In any case, the strategies to achieve success apply to any idea about what it means to be a successful person or having a successful life.

great success quotes

How to live a successful life.

These are the key things that will help you achieve optimal and sustainable success. With these tools, you can achieve your goals.

Focus on one goal.

For this, you must first establish as clearly as possible the goal you propose to achieve. Once this is done, you should work undistractedly toward that particular goal. Successful people can focus in extraordinary ways. Get this done efficiently by clicking on this link, where you can find the best way to keep your focus active.

Something that can help you stay focused is making a priority list. This way, you will realize when you are giving attention to small matters that are far from your main goal.

Recognize the opportunities and take them!

This point is related to making sound decisions. On your way to success, you will always find unexpected opportunities. Successful people take any opportunity that allows them to be better without questioning.

If the decision turns out to be poor, they take the situation as a learning experience. Every moment strengthens you. There is no such thing as weak or unfortunate situations. In this sense, making decisions is about taking advantage of an opportunity despite fear. Everything is part of the road to success.

Get out of your comfort zone.

This point also has a lot to do with decision-making. Many times we are afraid of making decisions that require us to leave our comfort zone. Successful people are clear that to be successful, at some point, they may have to do things that they are not used to or that require much more effort than they thought.

It is not that you should do something foolish or that it involves a risk in which you put yourself in danger. Although leaving the comfort zone implies making risky decisions, these risks have moderate consequences. Actually, leaving your comfort zone is nothing more than tolerating a little discomfort and doing something that usually generated a little fear or anxiety. Do you need help to take that step outside of your comfort zone? We recommend you visit this link.

Take your time to rest.

Working without resting will not put you closer to your goal. Successful people have time for work and also time to rest. In reality, rest gives you a solid base to have the energy necessary to do all the work that your goal requires. In other words, it is the rest that will keep you going. So try not to be so demanding on yourself. As long as you work with perseverance, you don’t have to work at a dangerous speed or push to be successful.

But in addition to these action strategies, there is also another factor that positively influences success achievement. Your thoughts can play a role in the achievement of success, we will talk about this more below which will make it more clear.

women success

The law of attraction and success.

While there are no shortcuts to success, having positive and accurate thoughts about what you want to achieve is a great and valuable advantage. Many people believe that the law of attraction has to do with luck, but it is based on concrete actions of thought that have nothing to do with chance. Accurate thoughts can increase the effectiveness of the work you are doing to get you what you want.

The law of attraction includes mental actions such as visualizing your goal, meaning, the result you want to achieve. But it also involves other types of factors such as effort, commitment, and discipline.

Psychology has shown the impact that thoughts have on the creation of our reality. If you focus your thoughts on the result you want to obtain, your skills will be enhanced. You will feel more motivated and inspired, which is necessary to be successful.

There are some steps that you can follow to make the law of attraction work for you. These simple but powerful steps will help you manifest what you want and be successful in what you set out to do!

Understand why and don’t lose sight of it.

First, think about the origin of that idea, its foundations. Where does what you want to achieve come from? For example, if your goal is to have your own business, what was your motivation? why do you want to start it?


Visualize your goal already accomplished. For example, if your goal is to have a business, visualize it already created. If your goal is to go to a place, imagine yourself in it. Also, visualize what you need. If you need someone, visualize that person giving you that help.

Trust yourself.

Your goal can only be achieved if you trust that you can do it. It doesn’t matter what others have told you. The negative or positive comments you may have received will not affect the achievement of your goal in the way that your self-confidence can. Even if others do not believe in you, you must have confidence in yourself, in your project, and that you can carry it out.


Great success in work.

Having success in work can be accomplished if you follow the accurate strategies correctly. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about you working in a company or having your own business.

Although what is considered a success is different for each person, success at work has one particularity. Success at work can be measured. It is quantifiable. In any case, success at work -as well as in other areas- is related to goals and objectives accomplished. By this, we do not mean simply completing a task but achieving an expected result.

There are many strategies to improve your success at work. These will be adapted to the particular characteristics of the work project. There is a leading company that has shared the most important keys that have made it successful. We are referring to the famous company: Disney. As Disney is one of the companies with the best development and achievement of objectives, we consider it relevant to know ten key bases of their success.

  • Everyone is important.
  • Re-invent often. Creativity is essential.
  • Strengthen your skills. Train your workers.
  • Always look for working with the best quality.
  • Look for ways to always do better.
  • Maintain a professional image with your own style.
  • Know your customers, think about them, and how to satisfy them.
  • Keep an optimistic tone in difficult moments.
  • Don’t be afraid to break the mold.
  • Stand the core values ​​of the company.

Definitely, we can always learn from those who have achieved undeniable success, so we recommend you take a look at this link. These keys are crucial if you want to achieve success with your company. Apply them so that your success is lasting.

great success in work


Relationships success.

We can speak of success in human relationships when we establish bonds where the interaction happens naturally. Cultivating mutually beneficial human relationships is the foundation of our social ambit. That is why building successful interpersonal relationships are such a valuable thing. The best way to achieve this type of success is by fostering interpersonal synergies that arise naturally.

Empathy and teamwork are just some of the principles that establish success in relationships. If we develop the diverse principles that promote healthy relationships between people, we will also be ensuring relationship success. With this in mind, we want to offer you some tips to enhance success in relationships.

Encourage communication.

Speaking honestly and clearly while maintaining a sense of respect and empathy enhances good interpersonal communication.

Respect each other.

This is directly related to the tolerance capacity as well as the establishment of limits. Accepting that another person has the right to be and think differently, as long as it does not harm your own rights. It is essential for relationship success.

Giving without expecting anything in return.

When we focus on always getting something from someone, our relationships are created from manipulation, not from the spirit of sharing. This certainly does not help you to create happy and healthy relationships. If you are always thinking about what you can get, you will never develop success in relationships.

In addition to how vital it is to be successful in our relationships, relationships are also a key element to success in other areas, especially at work.

At work, knowing how to get along with others is vital. The success of our business or our work is always determined by teamwork. This way, you can grow professionally. You need others. You will always need others to carry out your ideas and to develop success. Even when it comes to personal business projects.

great success relationships

Great success quotes.

To inspire you to be successful, we’ve collected the following quotes from successful celebrities. Let their words be an inspiration for you!

“I did not fail the test. I only discovered 100 ways to get it wrong”. – Benjamin Franklin.

“The secret to making dreams come true can be summarized in four C’s: curiosity, confidence, courage and constancy, and the greatest of all is confidence.” – Walt Disney.

“Obstacles cannot stop you. If you find a wall, don’t give up. Find a way to climb it, cross it or knock it down”. -Michael Jordan.

“To be successful is to fail repeatedly, but without losing enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill.

“All your dreams can come true if you dare to pursue them.” – Walt Disney.

“If you set absurdly high goals and fail, your failure will be far better than everyone’s success.” – James Cameron.

“There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing and be nothing.” – Aristotle.

“Life is reduced or expanded in proportion to your courage.” – Anaïs Nin.

“As soon as you believe in yourself, you will know how to live.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

So you already know what factors influence success and the top tips to becoming a successful person. Do you know of other tips for living a successful life? Your contribution means a lot to us.

Tell us what you think of this article, we will be happy to hear from you.

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Growing Lavender From Seed – Top Tips

Thanks for visiting my blog! In this article, I will outline top tips for growing lavender from seed successfully. On this page, I have included links to products that can help you to get set up for growing, if you choose to purchase through a link from this page, I may make a small affiliate commission that will contribute towards the maintenance costs of my site.

Where does Lavender originate from?

Lavender is a genus of around 47 species related to the mint family, it is native to temperate regions in the Mediterranean and from Northern and Eastern Africa to Southwest Asia according to WikipediaGrow your own herbs book

Lavenders are versatile low-maintenance shrubby perennial plants that can be planted in pots, garden beds or be used as hedges. The plants thrive in hot summer climates with shady afternoons and low-moderately fertile, slightly alkaline soils. Lavender has many uses, to name just a few; it’s great for attracting insect life to your back yard, can be used as a culinary herb, for its relaxing calming fragrance, and for its beauty in floral displays.

Growing lavender plants from seed can be a worthwhile and fun way to incorporate this delightful herb into your back garden. Lavender seeds are not quick to sprout, and crops grown from them wouldn’t normally flower in the initial year of growth, but if you’re dedicated and willing to invest the time, you can create beautiful fragrant plants from seed, which is so fulfilling!

lavender butterfly

Do I need to refrigerate lavender seeds?

Cold stratification is necessary for some seeds. The idea is that when sowing these seeds, a cool period followed by a warmer period is needed to break their dormancy and invite germination. Sometimes gardeners will advise sowing lavender seeds into dampened soil then placing in a cold greenhouse or refrigerator for a few weeks before then placing them onto heat mats. This is generally not necessary as with fresh seeds, germination is fairly easy, it just takes a bit of time. However if you are struggling you may want to consider utilizing this method of cold stratification to see if you can achieve greater success in germinating your seeds.

Where to Germinate Lavender Seeds

The initial step is choosing a good variety of lavender. It is important to know that not all types will be easy for growing lavender from seed. Sometimes cuttings are a quicker and easier way to produce new plants. A good variety to start off with is Munstead, this can take up to 90 days to germinate, so be patient. You can start them off in late winter and you should get good-sized seedlings by the beginning of the summer. Germinate the seeds indoors, they require warm temperatures between 65-70 degrees Farenheight (18-21C). If your home isn’t warm and you don’t have the use of a hothouse or greenhouse it may be necessary to use a heat mat and/or grow lights to maintain the warmth necessary for your seeds.


Sowing Lavender seeds

Sprinkle the seeds into shallow trays of moistened earth around 0.5-1 inch apart and apply just enough soil on top to lightly cover them. A vermiculite soil or a sterilized seed starting mix are good blends to keep the seeds just moist enough but not too waterlogged. If you can, cover the tray with a clear domed lid with ventilation holes in it (you can re-use an old fruit or veggie tray for this purpose or a large clear plastic bag with holes in). Be sure to allow circulation of air a couple of times a day by removing the lid and then replacing it.

To water, you can either mist the soil regularly to keep it slightly damp or sit the tray into a shallow dish of water, avoid pouring water directly over the seeds. Once your seeds have germinated keep the soil moderately damp but not soaking wet.

Place your seed tray in a sunny spot, or alternatively, you can choose to hang grow lights above them, adjust the height to keep the light to around an inch above the seedlings at all times as they grow.

Watch this amazing video which shows growing lavender from seed (time lapse)

Transplanting lavender seedlings

Your seedlings will need to be carefully transplanted to their own pots once each plant has several sets of leaves on it (usually after around 6 weeks). To do this, fill a pot ¾ full with a light potting mix soil and poke a hole in it that is just large enough to accommodate the roots. Once placed gently into the hole, lightly pack extra soil all around the transplanted lavender plant stem to hold it in position. You will need to continue to keep these transplanted lavenders indoors until they are bigger (at least 3 inches), this can take 1-3 months.

Hardening off lavender plants

Once the last day of frost has passed in your area, this is the right time to move your seedlings outdoors to harden them off. In order to reduce shock and acclimatize them to the outdoor setting, take your plants outside in their pots for a few hours each day, gradually increasing the length of time they’re outdoors. After around a week, your lavender should be ready to be planted out into the garden.

To plant out, choose an area that receives direct sunlight and has a well-draining soil type (if needed you can mix a bit of gravel into the soil to improve drainage). Lavender can grow in other poorer soil types but do benefit from having a little added organic matter.

During the first year your new lavender plants will be growing roots and establishing, they will need more regular watering but only if the soil has completely dried out. Once established they are much more resistant to droughts.

Cutting off any stems that start flowering in the first year will encourage more vegetation growth so you will have a bigger flowering plant the following year.

During the winter place a mulch or gravel around the base of the plant (but not too close to the stem), to keep the soil warmer.

growing lavender

Maintaining lavender plants

Each spring cut plants back just as their new growth starts but only on the green parts, (don’t trim back to the woody part of the stems). This will encourage a spurt of growth and bloom. Trim them back again in the autumn after the flowers are gone for best results the following year.

After a few years lavender plants can become quite woody, growing new young plants can give you an economical way of re-invigorating your garden displays by transplanting young plants next to old. The bees and butterflies will thank you!

Harvesting Lavender

In the first year the plant will concentrate on root structure and establishment, but in the second year you should have a much bigger lavender plant that begins to bloom.

Lavender is best harvested when it has formed buds but not yet opened to flowers, this allows the fragrance and color to stay for much longer once dried. Make sure to leave at least two sets of leaves either side of where you harvest on the green growth of the plant, don’t cut into the woody stem as it will not regrow from here once pruned.

Drying Lavender

The easiest way to dry lavender is to gather small handfuls together with twine or elastic band and hang upside down somewhere warm with good airflow. This method can take weeks to months depending on the climate.Herbal Medicine book

Alternatively, you can try to speed things up by drying out the sprigs using a dehydrator, make sure you use a low setting of around 100F and spread in only a single layer. It can take 1-2 days to fully dry out.

When ready, the main lavender stem should snap rather than bend and the buds should feel dry and crumbly and break up easily. For maximum longevity store in air-tight containers in a cool dark and dry area.

Harvesting lavender

Growing lavender from cuttings

If you wish to try to grow new plants from cuttings here are a few tips:

  • Make sure you have permission from the plant/garden owner first!
  • Choose to take cuttings from large well-established plants with a strong fragrance
  • Avoid plants that have just recently flowered
  • Choose a plant with long stalks with a good amount of green leaves at the top and some brown leaves at the bottom.

Take approximately a 3 inch long cutting from the lower stems of the plant. Remove all but a few green leaves at the top of the stem. To speed up the process you can first dip the bottom of the stem into rooting hormone powder (optional), before planting into a pot of moistened compost. Place the pot in a warm area but away from direct sun and mist every few days when the soil is dry. In around 3-6 weeks you should see new leaves growing which means your cuttings have rooted!

Then, follow the same steps as the plants grown from seeds for transplantation and hardening off.

Where can I find lavender seeds for sale?

To try growing lavender from seed, you can buy seeds at garden centers or online (even from Amazon!). A good option for success is to find a local retailer who collects their seeds from plants that have been used to growing in your climate. Choose a non-GMO organic seed source for the healthiest option.

Quick and Easy ways to use Dried Lavender

lavender bath


Lavender can take quite a while to grow from seed, if you’re finding it hard, you may need a heat mat and grow lights or try using cold stratification techniques. Alternatively, you can try rooting cuttings or buy an established plant from your local garden center.

This beautiful fragrant plant is great for attracting bees and butterflies and other lovely insects into your garden and can be utilized in so many ways.No matter how you acquire your lavender plants you’re sure to be hooked on their hardy versatility which will leave you wanting to grow more and try out the other amazing varieties available!

Let me know if you found this Growing Lavender from Seed post helpful, or if you have any ideas for future topics by contacting me here.

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